Wealth Spells


Wealth spells

Powerful wealth spells to make you very rich and wealthy using Profesor Bernard's wealth spells.

My wealth spells have many categories since there are many ways to make you wealthy, so depending on the type of way you want to be wealthy i have different wealth spells.


My wealth spells work by increasing your ability to realise money making opportunities, increasing your luck, increasing your connection to the goddess of wealth, dispelling all curses and hexes against your prosperity.

I have wealth spells for business peoplem wealth spells for the unemployed, wealth spells for gamblers, wealth spells for the employed these include business success spells, job spells, career progression spells, job promotion spells, lotto spells, gambling spells and more.

Debt free Wealth spells

Are you tired of having the debt collectors becoming permanent visitors in your home and offices.

Get a powerful wealth spell to help you have permanent and long lasting riches.

Job wealth spells

My powerful job wealth spells can help a unemployed person get a high paying job or if you want a higher salary at work get this powerful wealth spell.

I also have powerful wealth spells to help you get a job promotion with a bigger pay check.

Lotto wealth spells

My lotto wealth spell can help you win the lotto by getting the magic numbers, after getting the jackpot you are not supposed to play lotto again, because you will lose all your acquired wealth.

Money and wealth spells are typically used to gain employment. The term 'wealth' should be well understood before attempting a wealth spell.

For example, wealth can apply to much more than just money, one can be wealthy in friendship, wealthy in health or other things.

Wealth fortune spells

The group of spells known as fortune spells can do two things.

First they can perceive a future, and thus act as fortune telling tools. Secondly they can change and manipulate fortunes and futures.

The power of fortunes lays in the power of the magical forces which control all magic. The more powerful this magic force is within the caster the easier it is for the caster to manipulate fortunes and the more detailed fortuntelling can become.


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